From Hot Mess,

Have you ever sat down, looked at your life, and thought … what the actual hell?  Recently, after what most would call a nuclear meltdown that included, but was not limited to- yelling, screaming, throwing a hair spray bottle and denting my wall, crying, and other various things I’m not proud of.   


2016 was a very hard year.  In the span of 12 months we filed for bankruptcy, had a miscarriage, helped my parents get divorced, I was diagnosed with multiple health disorders, realized I needed to go back to work or we’d lose our house, and ended on the high note of being informed we needed to refile for bankruptcy.  


This isn’t the life I imagined I’d be living at the age of 27.  I spent a lot of time blaming everyone and everything else for my problems.  Funny thing though, all that blaming hasn’t changed a damn thing.  I’m still sick, depressed, anxious, and in debt up to my eyeballs.  
After a long talk with my husband we realized that things needed to change, and I realized I needed a way to be accountable for the things I wanted to work on, and so the idea for Washi and Waffles was born.  My hope is that as I dedicate time to making myself better I can document it here, and maybe help others in the process.