My Top Ten Planning Supplies

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One of my favorite things to do is to sit down Friday night and plan.  Nothing soothes my soul more so than getting a punch of stickers and sitting down with my planner.  Diving into the planner world can be a bit… overwhelming to say the least.  So I decided to create a crash course in getting started.  Here’s a list of the top ten supplies I recommend when getting started in “glam planning”!

A planner girl’s guide to getting started:

  • First you’ll need a planner.  I use a spiral bound Recollection’s planner from Michael’s.  Unfortunately it’s not currently on the market but Erin Condren’s vertical spiral bound is very comparable, and if you can find one on Amazon you can usually get a great deal!  
  • Pens!  Pens are a fickle creature, and what works for one may not work for another.  The first thing you want to look for in a good pen is bleed through.  Bleed through is pretty self explanatory but essentially means how much will you see it on the next page.  To much bleed through and it will ruin your next week’s spread.  The next thing you’ll want to look at is smear.  Smear is my greatest enemy!  I write with a heavy hand and if I’m using the wrong pen my page turns into a bad artists attempt at abstract art! Here are a few of my favorite pens:
    • Sharpie Pens– a little more bleed through, but easy on the smearing.  It’s also easy to hold and great for faux calligraphy work!  
    • Tombow Pens– I use these mostly in my bullet journal for calligraphy work and coloring.  I’ve used a bajillion brush pens but these by far are my favorite.  I highly recommend it.  
    • Frixon Pens– These pens write a bit thicker but the hidden gem of these pens is that they are erasable!  It’s great if you have to reschedule an appointment or if you’re a perfectionist like me and have to redo the same word a thousand times.  
  • Washi Tape– A good planner ALWAYS has washi tape on hand.  I use it for so many things!  On my monthly calendar I use it to mark the weeks I have my son, on weekly views I’ll use it indicate if we are traveling or to mark off time for a longer event, and sometimes I just use it to decorate!
  • A ruler– This especially comes in handy if you are bullet journaling but you can use it in a spiral bound or disc bound to draw straight arrows and designs, as well as help you secure your stickers.  
  • Glue– Whether you use free printables or order stickers off Etsy, you’ll eventually need glue.  I use it almost every week and you’ll definitely want it on hand for those pesky curling stickers.  
  • White out– Again the this could just be the perfectionist in me but I screw up ALL the time and rather than scratch it out I prefer to white it out.  It just looks nicer to me and eases my twitchy brain muscles.  
  • Stickers– This is my weakness by far.  I spend more on stickers in a year than I do on groceries.  You don’t have to go as crazy as me but I definitely recommend a basic collection like the Happy Planner’s 365 Basic Pack.  It’s great for marking appointments and calling out certain events, as well as adding a little spice to your daily to dos.  
  • Cute Paper Clips– A must have to mark your pages and attach papers to your planner.  I love to use them to attach papers that are sent home with my son from school that either needs to be signed and sent back, or a flyer reminder of a school event.  My friend Amy over at the Happy Planning Shoppe has some adorable ones and the packaging they come in is bar none the cutest I’ve ever seen!   
  • Scissors– A sharp pair of scissors goes a long way whether you’re cutting out a printable or trimming down some stickers.  The sharper the better and a smaller pair is recommended.  I love Fiskars scissors though they be but little they are sharp! 
  • Exacto Knife– I love the Slice 00116.  This puppy has served me well for a long time.  I use it to trim stickers once I’ve placed them, as well as to help me lift stickers if I need to maneuver them.   

Well that’s about it!  The only other things I can recommend are a good show to binge watch on Netflix, and your favorite snack, and drink!  The best part of finding planner peace is that its really up to you.  You will find with time what works and what doesn’t.  Make sure to check out local planner groups near you to find other tribe members.  If you are local to Utah you can check out my group Planner Society of Utah on Facebook!  We have meet ups and workshops almost every month!  So what are your MUST HAVE planning supplies ladies?