Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I LOVE decorating my planner.  That being said there is more to planning than pretty stickers and washi tape in a planner.  If you want to use your planner as intended, you need to make sure you are planning with a purpose.

Where to start:

  • Take all those million to do’s running through your head and write them down on paper.
  • Look at your list and pick your top three must do’s.  This applies to both monthly, weekly, and daily.
  • Put these top three down in your planner first, and then put in what you know you have time for.
  • Measure your time wisely.  We love to pack our days full and kick ourselves when we don’t finish everything we set out to do.

Where to finish:

  • Make time to care for yourself.  If you don’t plan it, you won’t do it.  If you need some ideas for what to plan check out my Self Care For Moms post.
  • Don’t kick yourself when you don’t get it all done.  There will be days that you just can’t control.  Give yourself permission to say that’s okay.
  • Check things off as you get them done, not at the end of the day.  When you know you are getting things done you’ll be more motivated to get even more done.

Things that might help:

  • There is a wonderful book by Brian Tracy called Eat That Frog.  It completely changed the way I planned and it’s a quick read which is great for us busy moms.
  • If your to do list is forever long.  Break it in to task.  I have my top three for the blog, top three for family, and top three miscellaneous.  I block out my time to ensure I can get not always all but most of my to do list done.
  • Find the planner that works best for you.  There are so many out there hourly, blocked, bullet journal.  The list is long which means it may take a few times to find the right one, but you’ll find planner peace I promise.
  • Sometimes having multiple planners is best.  I have one for my family, one for my blog, and one for misc notes and ideas.

This isn’t something that happens over night, and what works for others may not work for you.  It can take some time to institute these practices not only into your planner but also into your life.  It took me quite a while to create a routine that worked for me.  You’ll get there I promise!  What techniques have you developed that help you get things checked off?