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If you noticed, I didn’t post this week until today. Why? Because I completely lacked the motivation. As a mom it can be hard to find motivation to do pretty much anything. That’s been my week. I was so excited to start this blog, and then the whole thing just became overwhelming and my motivation took a nose dive. So what do you do when you have a complete lack of motivation?

So why are you lacking motivation?

  • Failure is scary:
    • When you are faced with a huge project the idea of completely failing is terrifying.  So, rather than doing the project and running the risk of failing you just don’t start it.
  • It’s just plain boring:
    • When something is boring i.e. building a lego set with my son, I just don’t want to do it.  The instructions make no sense, and it just doesn’t interest me the way it does my son and husband. I’m a jerk I know.
  • It’s completely overwhelming:
    • That’s me with this blog.  I was so excited to get this blog started, and then when I started diving in to the blogging world it just became completely overwhelming.  Every time I tried to start something I got overwhelmed I just decided it would be easier to ignore it altogether.
  • You’re tired:
    • If you’re a mom like me, or work a full time job, or volunteer, or do all of the above.  Finding motivation to do something like losing weight, cleaning the house, remodeling, whatever the project may be, it just doesn’t seem worth it because you are just to damn tired.

See what I mean, trying to find motivation in a world that is constantly moving sucks!  How do you find time to finish a project when Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, kids, family, and work are all right up in your face begging for your attention?

So how can I find motivation exactly?

  • Take a breath:
    • When the world becomes to much and you just can’t focus find a quite place and just breath.  Close the door, tell your family you need a break, and just relax for a minute.
  • Regroup and remember why you wanted to start this project in the first place:
    • Did you want to redo your bedroom, clean the house and reorganize, or maybe makeover that old desk thats been in your garage for a year?  Why did you want to start this project?  Sometimes reminding yourself of why you start something can re-motivate you!  Go back and look at your Pinterest boards, magazines, whatever it may be to re-spark that feeling of excitement that inspired you in the first place!
  •  Set timers:
    • Remember when we talked about how things can become overwhelming?  Setting timers can really help you break projects up.  Say you need to deep clean your bathroom.  Set a timer for 25 minutes and for 25 minutes deep clean the crap out of that bathroom.  After 25 minutes take a five minute break, and then start again.  Breaking things up in to chunks of time can help you feel less overwhelmed, and you’ll be surprised at how much faster cleaning your bathroom will go when you’re focused on just that one thing.
  • Find support:
    • Sometimes when you have a big project (like starting a blog *cough cough*) it helps to tell someone what you are doing and why.  Not only will you have a support network, but you’ll also have someone to be accountable to.  When I first tried to start a blog I didn’t mention it to anyone because I felt silly.  This time around I told my husband what I wanted to do and what my goals were.  I sat my husband down and said “I want to start a blog and here’s why…”.  It has really helped me stay true to my goals and almost every day he checks in to ask what I’ve done to work on my blog!
  • Break it into chunks:
    • Is your project a huge project like redoing your bedroom.  Break it into chunks.  Make a list of everything that needs to be done, and then organize that list into manageable little projects. Turning a big project into a little project can help you feel less overwhelmed and more motivated to get things done!
  • Ask for help:
    • This is a lot like finding support but this focuses more on the idea of you can’t always do it alone.  Some projects are just to big to do by yourself.  Sure, maybe I could redo my bedroom all by myself but a) it would take FOREVER and b) I’d probably kill myself in the process.  So ask for help!  You are so much more likely to feel motivated and inspired when you have someone to help you get the job done!

There are a few books that I have read that I highly recommend that might help jump start your motivation.  They really helped me reshape how I see my day and how I can accomplish my projects.  Given the week I’ve had I think it’s time to go back and re-read them.  The first one is probably my favorite it’s called You Are A Bad Ass.  I’ll be the first to admit I hate reading self help books sometimes because they are all the same crap just written in a different way, but Jen Sincero sheds a new light on self help books how to create a pretty freaking awesome life for yourself.

The second book is pretty well known to most people but if you haven’t read it I seriously recommend it.  It’s called Eat That Frog: 21 Ways To Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done In Less Time by Brian Tracy.

I know it seems like I’m pimping these books out, but seriously, read them and you’ll see.  They have been complete game changers for me when I’m feeling unmotivated and just plain done with life.  So what are you lacking motivation in or what do you do when you are lacking motivation?  Let me know!